What is the gospel? If we’re being honest, if you ask ten Christians that question, odds are, you’d probably get ten different answers.

But here at 6th & Gibbs, we believe that the gospel message is the most important message that we can share, and we want to be crystal clear in what it means, as well as what we should do in response to hearing it. Because of this, this is how we would answer this important question:

In this message above, we can find four declarative statements about the gospel, as well as four imperative responses.

The declarative statements are:
1. The Kingdom of God is here.

2. Jesus is the Christ (our King).

3. Jesus died on the cross for our sins.

4. After being buried for three day, he was resurrected.

The four imperative responses are:
1. Repent of our sins.

2. Believe the gospel.

3. Be Baptized

4. Follow Him.

Our hope for every person of our church family is to not only know all this, but to believe it and fulfill it within their lives. That we will go, baptize, and teach this message to all of Cottage Grove so that everyone will know that Jesus is our King!

Do you want to learn more about the gospel message? Feel free to reach out to us and let us know by emailing info@6thandgibbs.com.