Thanks for joining us in 2023, and we hope to see you again in 2024!
We are going to be having an egg hunt with over 10,000 eggs at Bohemia Park! Come join us as we continue this event for the community!
We are going to be separating the start times by age to allow all the kids to have fun and get in on the action:
Ages 0-4: 10:15am (The candy for this age group will be age-appropriate)
Ages 5-8: 10:45am
Ages 9-12: 11:15am
While your kids are waiting for their turn, feel free to play some of our carnival games to win more candy, or just hang out on the playground equipment.
Our only request is this: We want this to continue to be a yearly event and do this every Saturday before Easter for the community. After you kids are done with their hunt, empty the eggs and place them in the empty bins located throughout the park so we can fill them for 2024 and beyond!
We hope to see you there!