6th & Gibbs Ladies’ Day 2023

Saturday, May 20, 2023
Cost: $20 (cash or check may be sent in advance or paid the day of the event)
Registration for this event is now closed.  


Theme: Unstoppable Faith

There are times life hits you so hard it knocks the breath out of you.  Standing in faith doesn’t mean you ignore the pain and trial, it means that you are grounded in the promises that God can make a way. He has called us to be the lights of the world. That means we will be surrounded by darkness. We cannot be an example to this world if we refuse to rise up and shine His light and love.  Lisa Burns is coming from TX to share her journey and encourage you, wherever you are in life, to know your worth and purpose through Jesus Christ.  Join us for a day of worship, fun, and fellowship. There will be door prizes and lunch provided.


About our Speaker

Lisa describes herself as “just a girl from the hood that found Jesus.” Originally from Roswell, New Mexico, she has known trauma and darkness, has been broken, lost, and hopeless.  But then she met the Healer, the Light, the Restorer and the Hope Giver and has been forever changed.  From the roots of a childhood that should have destroyed her, she now works as a Positive Behavior Facilitator for her school district in Carrollton, Texas. She is also a trauma coach that works with special victims to recover, heal and then thrive again.