MMP – March 29, 2021

I loved watching Home Improvement growing up.  It was one of those shows my family and I would wait each week to see if a new one was on.  And one of the better parts of the show was the relationship between Tim and Al.  Tim would always want to go and do the crazy – give something more power, while Al would usually be the voice of reason, saying repeatedly, “I don’t think so, Tim.”

I just want to take the time for today to reflect on our mission for the church.  We are focused on community saturation, meaning, we want everyone in this town to know the name of Jesus.  It’s as simple as that.  And we share Jesus with everyone we meet until that goal becomes a reality.

And with this, we set some crazy high goals: goals that may seem too high to reach. We want 500 baptisms and three church plants in 10 years.  And while we can look at the craziness of the goal, I would rather us focus on the ability of our God.

How does God usually act?  According to our faith:

  • Jairus comes to Jesus and says, “Come to my house to heal my daughter” and he almost loses her because he believes Jesus could only heal with His touch.
  • The woman chasing after them believe that touching Jesus’ robe would be enough and that healed her when she reached out for Him.
  • A centurion asked Jesus to just say it will be done, and He believed his subordinate would be healed, and he was.

So let me ask the tough questions: Is looking at the difficulty of reaching our goal causing us to lose trust in our God?  Do we believe God can do this?  Do we believe that God can make the impossible possible?  Do we believe that God has this?

My hope and prayer is that going forward, we look at the mission full of belief in the God who revealed this mission to us.  I hope and pray that everyone doesn’t look at this as something that is impossible, but instead, something that God will do as we step up and meet the challenge of following Him no matter the cost, without question, and without excuse.