MMP – March 22, 2021

I want to take a deeper look at the Rick Warren quote I shared yesterday:

“I only believe the parts of the Bible I actually do.”

Isn’t that a convicting quote?  I know it was for me.  We are called to follow Jesus, our King.  Following Him is something we do, no matter the cost, without question, and without excuse.  And yet, how many times do we know the truth that is found in His Word and choose to ignore it?

There is a difference between knowing the truth and following the truth.  If what we read in the Bible doesn’t impact us and cause us to change, we may say we believe it, but our actions do not bear it out.

This Word needs to be permeate our lives.  This Word needs to change who we are at our core.  If it doesn’t, we are just going through the motions of our faith. We are allowing God’s Word to stay as head knowledge – a intellectual pursuit, rather than becoming heart knowledge, and changing who we are to what we need to become.

And what this comes down to is trust.  Do I trust that what God has called me to is greater than anything this world has to offer?  Do I trust God enough to say that His wisdom and His knowledge about life, a life and a world He created and put into motion, is greater than my own thoughts? Do I trust God enough to keep Him on the throne of my heart, to not taking Him down to do what I think is best? Do I trust in the promises to always be with me, through the good and the bad, the moments of peace and the moments of crisis, knowing that everything is being done for His glory?

“I only believe the parts of the Bible I actually do.”

My hope and prayer is that the parts of the Bible we actually do continue to increase so that there is no difference between what is in this Book and what we prove through our actions.