MMP – April 5, 2021

It took 10 years for the people of Israel, people who were cut to the heart, to neglect the promise and the covenant they made.  It took just 10 years for the people to give up on their new way of living to revert back to what’s easy and comfortable.

And as I said yesterday, that number of years, ten years, cuts me to the heart.  Why?  Reproducing Authentic Christians has been our mission as a church for 10 years.  And at the same time, we just released 10-year goals to the whole church – what it would look like if we were succeeding at what we have been called to do.

Looking back at the last 10 years, how are we doing?  Is it mission accomplished?  Is it even mission begun?  Has it just been a nice catch phrase to say but not something we are living out?

And what I am asking for all of us as we conclude Nehemiah is for revival.  Revival for each and every person in our church. Revival for the mission. Revival for every single person in this city.  We want to saturate Cottage Grove in the name of Jesus, but that can only happen if we want to change and make it happen.

I don’t want these words to be another catch phrase that is something we talk about and something we don’t accomplish. My hope and prayer is that 500 people come to Jesus because of our actions.  My hope and prayer is that we have three new churches all around the area that will join us in our mission to transform Oregon.  I would love to see Lane County go from one of the least evangelistic counties in the US to one of the most evangelical.  It is possible, but only if we are willing to step up, take what we learned from this book, and start the revival in our own lives first.

Will we answer the call of this book?  Will we rebuild ourselves and the mission of this church?  Are you cut to the heart, today, right now to go and act for all He has done for us?

Ten years from now, I hope we can say we are following Him and the kingdom is exploding in this area.