MMP – April 12, 2021

Who came and heard John the Baptist preach his message of repentance?  The ones who heard that he was out in the wilderness, in the middle of nowhere, and chose to go.  But how did they know where to go?  Because someone in the area heard the message and made the decision to share it.  Without that person spreading the news, no one would have come and the message would not spread.

My question for us to ponder today is this:  If the message of Jesus Christ is the good news…let’s be realistic here: the greatest news ever and everything else pales in comparison to it, why is the idea of sharing who He is and what He has done so difficult?

Why do we share the good news of getting married?

Why do we share the good news of having a child?

Why do we share the good news of beating cancer?

Why do we share the good news of getting the job we were hoping for, getting into the college of our choice, getting the big hit to win the championship?

And yet, the greatest news of all, we keep to ourselves.

As I said in church, next Sunday, we’re getting to the heart of the gospel.  Who are you praying for?  Who are you serving?  Who is your One?  Invite them to church.  If you have the opening, lay aside the fear and doubt so that they can hear the gospel and the good news of Jesus.