Our vision is to Reproduce Authentic Christians, but how do we gauge how we’re doing?  How do we know if we are hitting the mark or falling short?  Our pastor, elders, and deacons sat down to figure out what success would look like, and this is what we came up with.  This page explains what we desire to accomplish over the next 10 years, what a church that is actively reproducing authentic Christians looks like.

The document below is a print out of our current goals as a church.  Out hope and desire is to make every single one of these a reality.  Yes, they are lofty, and some might even think crazy.  But we worship the God of crazy.  We worship a God who will do more than we can ever possibly imagine. Please take some time to check them out and read through them.  If reading through these spark something within you, and you want to join us in meeting this mission, we hope to see you on a Sunday morning real soon!

Vision Plan 2020-2030.

We also have a video explaining these goals in full, which you can check out here